Maximize Your Body's Healing Potential
Maxx™ PRP

The Next Generation in Regenerative Medicine Technology.

Customizable PRP at Your Fingertips to treat a variety of conditions.

Maxx™ PRP provides a 4-6x level over baseline concentration of platelets, promoting the following growth factors:

VEGF - Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors
PDGF - Platelet Derived Growth Factors
TGF - Transforming Growth Factors

Maxx™ PRP


  • Dual spin capability in one device
  • Allows clinicians to adjust hematocrit levels
  • 8 minute processing time within a closed, sterile system
  • Faster cell collection with less clotting
  • Access "Buffy Coat" layer in seconds
  • Delivers LP - PRP and LR - PRP
  • Ability to process up to 240cc of PRP in one spin cycle

ABOUT - Lead Screw Technology

What is Lead Screw Technology?

Maxx’s Lead Screw technology allows clinicians to pinpoint precise and accurate areas of the buffy coat (growth factor layer) of PRP in a matter of seconds. Up to two concentrated cycles can be conducted in 8 minutes, yielding 4-6X platelet concentrations over baseline. This gives the clinician the advantage to customize the final product based on procedure specific needs.

Sterile Closed System – Dual Concentrations, One Device

Sterility is key in all clinical settings. Unlike other systems, Maxx’s Lead Screw Technology allows clinicians to concentrate up to 2 cycles with one device. This eliminates the need to transfer concentrated cells to a 2nd device and prevents further contamination with unsterile breaks and transfers.

The Next Step in Regenerative Cellular Technology

The Maxx Concentration Systems gives clinicians the ability to deliver a safe, effective product in a matter of minutes in any clinical setting. With Lead Screw Technology, Maxx™ PRP provide clinicians a new option to treat a variety of conditions with a safer, faster and more efficient approach.