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Bone marrow concentrate (BMC) is widely used and recognized now in orthopedics as a complement to help facilitate mature bone growth. Bone-marrow aspirate is a rich source of cells, cytokines, and growth factors. Concentrating bone marrow accelerates the ability to harness these viable growth factors that are needed for bone formation.

Maxx BMC allows clinicians to provide a concentrated final product within 8 minutes. Maxx’s ( Lead Screw Technology) allows clinicians to maximize their opportunity to grab essential growth factors from the “Buffy Coat” layer on 2 spin cycle attempts. Harnessing these viable cells in 2 spin cycles after concentration provides a more optimal product to compliment bone formation. Maxx BMC allows the user to concentrate 25-240cc of autologous bone marrow aspirate, in one centrifugation cycle. Average final product volume yield is 7-10%.




ABOUT – Lead Screw Technology

What is Lead Screw Technology?

Maxx’s Lead Screw technology allows clinicians to pinpoint precise and accurate areas of the buffy coat (growth factor layer) of PRP or BMC concentrate in a matter of seconds. Up to two concentrated cycles can be conducted in 8 minutes, yielding 4-6X platelet concentrations over baseline. This gives the clinician the advantage to customize the final product based on procedure specific needs.

Sterile Closed System – Dual Concentrations, One Device

Sterility is key in all clinical settings. Unlike other systems, Maxx’s Lead Screw Technology allows clinicians to concentrate up to 2 cycles with one device. This eliminates the need to transfer concentrated cells to a 2nd device and prevents further contamination with unsterile breaks and transfers.

The Next Step in Regenerative Cellular Technology

The Maxx Concentration Systems gives clinicians the ability to deliver a safe, effective product in a matter of minutes in any clinical setting. With Lead Screw Technology, Maxx PRP and Maxx BMC provide clinicians a new option to treat a variety of conditions with a safer, faster and more efficient approach.

MAXX™- BMC (Bone Marrow Concentration) System enables users to prepare an autologous concentrated bone marrow aspirate (BMA) product with an elevated stem cell concentration and yield over baseline.

Concentrated bone marrow aspirate is a biologic concentrate derived from a patients own bone marrow. Concentrated bone marrow aspirate is rich in mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) and hematopoietic stem cells (HSC’s), which have been shows to be critical in biological processes such as tissue regeneration and bone formation.



MAXX™ – BMC delivers world class results with an ability to capture platelet yields over 70%+ and customizable hematocrit settings.


MAXX™-BMC’S patented lead screw technology allows users to customize their final product by providing detailed platelet, buffy coat and hematocrit options, all at the users fingertips.


MAXX™- BMC offers 2 streamlined concentration time cycles, allowing users to select from one or two spin cycles for superior and ultra concentration settings.


Ability to process bone marrow aspirate and whole blood at the point of care. A single kit can process 30-60ml of bone marrow/and or blood to produce a user defined custom end product. Average output is 7-10ml’s


MAXX™-BMC harnesses the bodies essential growth factors for accelerated concentrations over baseline.

  • PDGF – Platelet-Derived Growth Factor
  • TGB F – Transforming Growth Factor – Beta
  • VEGF – Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
  • FGF-B – Fibroblast Growth Factor – Beta
  • EGF – Epithelial Growth Factor


MAXX™-BMC concentration system is designed to be used at the patient’s point of care for the safe and rapid preparation of a platelet rich plasma (PRP) from a small sample of a mixture of peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirate that is mixed with autograft and or allograft bone prior to application to a bony defect for improving handling characteristics.