Introducing fibri-cell

The worlds first Live Cellular Cortical Fiber Graft. Fibri-Cell technology provides each surgeon an ability to add a multi-level cellular component to each fusion based procedure. Fibri-Cell’s patented technology allows for a customizable proprietary blend of activated platelets and bone marrow aspirate, to be centrifuged at over 4,000 RPM’s. High RPM cycles allow for creation of a proprietary auto/allograft blend that is first in class for handling characteristics and cellular viability. Create a live cellular graft, point of care without the use of toxic Cryo protectants.


  • Ability to create a Live Viable Cellular Graft - Point of Care
  • No Frozen Toxic Cyro Protectants
  • Demineralized Cortical Fibers Present high surface area and superior wick-ability for hydration
  • Utilizes patients own live cells from a combination of whole autologous blood and bone marrow
  • Platlets are activated with proprietary serum + and resuspended with Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate
  • Surgeon has ability to define graft for any void and combine with allo/autograft for unique bone grafting options